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Auto Twit Wars: @Ford Vs. @GMblogs

Twat WarsAfter Ford’s social media “guru” Scott Monty finally “realized" he should be using the Ford Twitter account rather than his own, there’s been a battle royale between @Ford and @GMBlogs. Two twatterers enter, one twatterer leaves!

After initially rebuffing our argument that using his own name was more about fluffing up himself than fluffing up the brand that pays his paycheck, social media diva Scott Monty finally saw the light that tweeting under the brand name actually makes more sense.

Looks like there’s an added benefit as it appears to generate followers quickly — with the new @Ford account on its way to almost 5,000 followers in the past month. Who knew that could happen so quickly? Oh wait

The other fun thing is, if you take a look at the screen-shot above, it looks like @Ford's not only caught up to its cross-Detroit rival @GMblogs, and may even surpass them in the next day. So, who’s going to win in what I’m dubbing “Auto Twit Wars.”

Make your voice heard — vote for either @GMBlogs or @Ford by following them.

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